( who we are )

The agency began the dream of advertising and marketing her work in the Egyptian market since 2003, and agency in everything related to the field of advertising and marketing has provided for all his needs, from design, commercial printing, paper, printing, the Inca gate of the advertising and implementing advertising campaigns, promotional and marketing and promotion agencies dream advertising and marketing from other companies high quality, this next prices possible this than we give priority to non-proliferation and deal with the biggest companies and most important .




Laser Engraving

Since the outbreak of the revolution, the technological development had to keep pace with this development which made it our highest priority to provide services with the current market so our specialty is in the design and implementation of websites and mobile applications and implement promotional campaigns, marketing, electronic as well as owning the latest printing machines to provide services of digital printing services,

post printing services, thermal printing and why we matter to him of evolution, but we sought to be agents and distributors for major international companies in the manufacture of visual display screens as well as materials of decoration of facades and other .
1 - Promotional Gifts

We offer you many products that are suitable as gifts promotional for your facility which protects the identity of the property and is used in printing these products several types of printing from the printing transfer heat as well as printing up the tempo in addition to silkscreen printing

• Print the transfer the the

• Print mag

• Print cap

• Print mousepads

• Printing field of

• Print Costa

• Printed bags of all kinds .

• Printed pens and flash of .

2 - Social Media Marketing .

The design and implementation

 of websites, mobile applications and the implementation of promotional

 campaigns and e-marketing and the creation of the pages

of the business on all social media





YouTube and others and the creation

of all ads featured on them .

3 -Digital Printing And After-Printing And Copy Center

Featuring digital printing, high precision

 high-speed development,

 making it a leader in the field of printing

 also allows for printing on all types of paper

 plastic high quality as well as

our service is available after the printing

 of the predecessor of the Reagan cut

of the whole business .

Helm Copy Center 
Student and Teacher Service Center
Lectures, PowerPoint presentations,
Worksheets, and more
Print and sophisticated all kinds


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